Modern Transportation Technology

Modern Transportation Technology is approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the State General Administration of Press and Publication, the Competent Transportation hall in jiangsu province, jiangsu provincial traffic science research institute co., LTD., the modern traffic technology editorial publishing ( Domestic Issue: CN 32-1736 / U, International Series: ISSN 1672-9889). It is a public transportation construction transportation science and technology journal facing the whole world.

The mission of Modern transportation technology is to promote traffic science and technology progress, and strive to always stand in modern transportation development frontier science and technology, based on the comprehensive transportation technology, mainly reflect the highway engineering, Marine engineering, transportation engineering, traffic planning and management practices of academic progress and development, dissemination of science and technology information, promote exchange of advanced technology, scientific research and practical experience, constantly improve the scientific and technological personnel and the general transportation management level and business level of the worker, promote the scientific research to better serve economic construction, promoting the development of transportation in China.

The main readers are the first-line research design and engineering personnel engaged in transportation research, survey and design, construction, supervision, maintenance and quality supervision. Technical managers at all levels of traffic construction departments and management departments; To provide related products, technologies and services related enterprises to traffic construction; Teachers and students of tertiary institutions. It can also be used as a reference for technical and economic research institutions in related industries.

It spread monthly among many units which cover transportation construction, maintenance, operation, traffic management department, such as the national scientific research, survey design, construction, maintenance, supervision, colleges and others.