JSTI|4 Projects Are Listed in 2019 “Jiangsu Transportation Quality Engineering Projects”

      Recently, the Department of Transportation of Jiangsu Province released the 2019 “Jiangsu Transportation Quality Engineering Projects” list. Four projects of Jiangsu TS Traffic Design & Research Division Co., Ltd (TS Traffic Design and Research for short) and Jiangsu Yearning Engineering & Consult Co., Ltd (Yearning Consult for short) which are two subsidiaries of JSTI Group are included in the award-winning list.  
      The establishment of “Jiangsu Transportation Quality Engineering Projects” brand is aimed at enhancing the quality regulation of transportation construction projects and improve the awareness of quality, security, resource saving, and environment protection of various construction liable subjects. Meanwhile, this brand makes transportation construction projects more standardized, environment friendly, and informatized, and boosts the high-quality development of transportation project construction and the foundation of “quality engineering” as well. Projects winning the honors represent the leading quality in the whole province.
      For a long time, TS Traffic Design and Research and Yearning Consult have been working and developing in urban infrastructure design as well as consultation and supervision. These several awards have recognized their technology competence and service qualities. In the future, JSTI Group will continue to strengthen the awareness of “quality leads to excellence”, optimize the management, and raise the technological innovation capabilities. JSTI will make new contributions to building a new Jiangsu featured by “strong economy, affluent people, beautiful environment and advanced social civilization” and devote to lifting the quality of transportation construction projects in Jiangsu.
Awarded Projects of JSTI
503 Provincial Highway Huaian Airport Connection Road Project Jiangsu TS Traffic Design & Research Division Co., Ltd
Huaian City Wuhuang Expressway, Huangma Bridge on the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, and Connection Road Project Jiangsu TS Traffic Design & Research Division Co., Ltd
Xudu Bridge and Connection Road Project Jiangsu TS Traffic Design & Research Division Co., Ltd
Zhangjiagang Port Area Highway  Jiangsu Yearning Engineering & Consult Co., Ltd
Project Portfolio
503 Provincial Highway Huaian Airport Connection Road Project

      As the designer of this project, TS Traffic Design and Research is mainly responsible for the engineering and designing parts, along with site consultation during the construction. When arranging the construction routes, the project team thoroughly considers how to avoid demolishing buildings or pole lines along the route. During the selection of the route, the new road crosses the highway at the sites which require the least height filling. The project team refines and optimizes the positions of two bridges which cross the highway, the designs of bridge spans, transection of all bridges, and upper and lower structures of the bridges. In this way, the bridge structures reach the maximum economic efficiency on the premise of security. Meanwhile, the project team tries to increase the bridge spans to prepare for the future highway broadening or rebuilding.
      This project is of great significance for promoting the development of areas alongside the project, upgrading airport collection and distribution capability, completing Huaian’s outbound opening channels, expanding new areas for city development, and driving the construction of Huaian as a center city in the north of Jiangsu Province.
Huaian City Wuhuang Expressway, Huangma Bridge on the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, and Connection Road Project

      The newly built Huangma Bridge adopts the urban-A load standard. Its design speed is 40km/h. The total investment is about CNY 236 million. TS Traffic Design and Research undertakes the design of this project. After rebuilding, it expands from 2 driveways to 6 driveways on Huangma Bridge, which dramatically lifts the traffic capacity. Creating east-west channels between five districts and further perfecting the road network in the city, this project solves the traffic “bottle necks” in Huaian District, Qingjiangpu District in south part of the city, and higher education area in the development zone. Moreover, as a bridge over the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal (a canal known as “golden waterway”), the new Bridge also changes the narrow waterway under the old bridge which was only 60 meters wide in the past, to 110 meters and its height has been increased to 7 meters. Consequently, the bridge meets the second-level national requirement on the navigation of the Grand Canal.
Xudu Bridge and Connection Road Project

      TS Traffic Design and Research is responsible for the design of this project. This bridge crosses over the Grand Canal. Its total length is 1093.01 meters. The main bridge is a continuous girder with variable cross-section (72.5+125+72.5 meters). The maximum bridge width is adopted during the design. Without adding more composite box girders, after adjusting the width of wet joints (normally the width of wet joint is 50 cm, yet the wet joints in this project are 100 cm wide), the final bridge width is 13.5 meters which is 1.5 meters wider than the standard 12-meter-wide roadbed. Such design improves the traffic capacity of the bridge. Temporary supportive consolidation is adopted in this project to facilitate system shifting and shorten construction schedule. The completion of this project and the opening of the new Xudu Bridge and connection road would play a positive role in promoting the economic development of the Yunnanpian area in Huaiyin District, boosting the construction of national agricultural science and technology park and Taiwan farmer entrepreneurship park, increasing tourism and cultural influence of dock, and improving mineral resources transportation capability in Yunnanpian area.
Zhangjiagang Port Area Highway

       This project is an important part of the collection, distribution, and transportation system in the Zhangjiagang Port Area. As one of the “three highways” in Zhangjiagang municipal first-tier main road network, this highway starts from Changjiang Road in the Port Area and ends at the highway along the river. It passes across Zhangjiagang Port Area, Chenyang community, Yangshe Township, and Xinqiao Township of Jiangyin City. After its establishment, this project will directly serve Zhangjiagang Port Area and function as a major distribution channel for Zhangjiagang Port Area. It is positioned for collection, distribution and transportation of Zhangjiagang Port Area, providing high-speed outbound transportation services for Zhangjiagang Port Area and Zhangjiagang Bonded Logistic Park. Additionally, it also covers high-speed outbound exchanges of Zhangjiagang and neighboring areas, which enhances the integral construction of the port area and the city.

      Yearning Consult undertakes the supervision services of roadbed, road surface, bridges, culverts, security devices, and other parts of the project. The supervision team rigorously upholds the principles of “strict supervision, superior service, scientific and impartial, and self-disciplined and incorruptible”. The team actively and seriously supervises and manages the quality of project construction, construction security, environment protection, progress of construction, cost control and other aspects. No quality accident occurs during the process. The quality inspection shows that all parts of the project conform to the standards and design requirements.