JSTI | Dr. Wu Chunying Elected as an International Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

Lida Ivanitskaya, First Vice President and General Secretary at the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RAEN), sent a congratulatory message to Dr. Wu Chunying at JSTI Group on her election to RAEN as an International Member in Materials Science.
Founded in 1990, the RAEN is among the three major public academies of sciences in Russia, together with the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Engineering. It was officially recognized by the UN in 1995 and accredited as a non-government organization by the UN in 2002. Members of the RAEN are all academic heavyweights—scientists and experts with significant accomplishments in natural sciences and the humanities. RAEN's membership includes 18 Nobel prize laureates, over 270 members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, over 30 members of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, more than 20 fellows of other academies of sciences, and several Russian scientists and international academicians. RAEN's international members come from 48 countries around the world, including several Chinese academicians (members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering), scientists, and scholars. Dr. Wu Chunying has made significant contribution to the research on "new roadway construction and maintenance materials". She was elected to the RAEN as an International Member in Materials Science following a comprehensive evaluation process, including nomination by RAEN member, formal examination, credential review, Academic Division voting, and Presidium deliberation.
Wu Chunying holds a PhD and is a senior engineer (research fellow-level). She now serves as the chief engineer of roadway at JSTI Group, the chairperson and president of Nanjing Ningtong Intelligent Transportation Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., and the deputy head of the National Engineering Research Center for New Road Materials. She concurrently serves as an industry professor at Hohai University, member of the Scientific Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Comprehensive Transportation Society, and president of the GL08 discipline for the World Transport Convention (WTC).
Dr. Wu's mainly studies asphalt pavement materials, structures, maintenance and testing, breaking new ground in road materials R&D, technology for solid waste utilization, and low-carbon and emission reduction technology. Together with her team, Dr. Wu has completed over 30 projects under provincial/ministerial major S&T programs, including "Rubber asphalt manufacturing based on recycled tires: engineering technology R&D and industrialization", "Environmentally friendly cold-mix high-viscosity resin asphalt: key technology R&D and industrialization", "Research on the technology for intelligent motorway pavement maintenance and long-term structure preservation", "In-depth research on rubber asphalt for highway engineering", "Research on the key technology for maintenance of asphalt paving on cement concrete bridge deck of Jiangsu provincial motorways", and "Key technology for epoxy steel bridge deck paving maintenance and evaluation". The team has received over 20 provincial/ministerial awards, including the China Highway & Transportation Society Science and Technology Award and Jiangsu Provincial Highway & Transportation Society Science and Technology Award. Dr. Wu has published over 50 research papers and one monograph, licensed more than 30 patents, and served as editor-in-chief of eight standards for China/local highway and transportation societies. Several of her research findings have been included in relevant standards and commercialized. In addition, Dr. Wu has earned the 17th Youth Science & Technology Award of Jiangsu Province, and honorary titles such as the "Top 10 Innovators" for key research platforms in the transportation industry.